More additions to the prototyping lab

We have added the following equipment to our prototyping lab:

- dual extruder Replicator 3D printer

- lead-free table-top SMT reflow oven with nitrogen

- manual stencil printer

- automatic stencil cutter machine

- XYZ manual placement table

- 6 axis welding robot and automatic wire-welder

- Zigbee SDK

- Ethernet-CANBUS converters

- CAN Bus protocol analyzer and debugger

- precision inclinometer

- soil quality analyzer

- water quality quick-testers

- isolation tester 1000 VDC

In addition to our precision CNC we are now able to robotically weld prototypes, do extensive SMT reworks and prototyping, print 3D shapes for rapid prototyping and perform a wider range of environmental / agricultural tests.